About First Wednesday

About First Wednesday

First Wednesday is a place for intellectual sparring among business leaders.
It is an opportunity for members who are involved in global management to have an honest discussion with each other.
We contribute to solving social issues by sharing management knowledge.


First Wednesday is an exclusive business forum for the management from multinational companies and professional firms.

The topics of First Wednesday are chosen on the basis of what the management have to do. According to this criterion, the topics that have high priorities for those who are involved in global management have been selected. The speakers include the management and academia who are known as the top for the fields.

First Wednesday makes a big difference from other business forums in following ways. First of all, individual participants are not audience but speakers. They are encouraged to join the discussions. Second, confidential parts of discussions are not open to the media.

First Wednesday Speakers

Mr. Yoshimitsu Kobayashi
Chairman of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation
Mr.Shuzo Sumi
Chairman of the Board of Tokio Marine & Nichido.
Mr. Masatoshi Ito
Honorary Chairman, Seven & I Holdings
Mr. Shinjiro Sato
CEO of Terumo corporation

Mr. SEN Genshitsu
15th in a series of Japanese tea masters of the Urasenke family
Mr. Werner Geissler
Vice Chairman of P&G

*Stated corporate title as at when they made speech

First Wednesday Characteristics

1. 20 years of history of the meeting
2. Sharing real cases of management with our members
3.For executives from top leading companies in the industry
4. Creating a place where executives can discuss and learn from each other