Mr. Yoshimasa Sakai, The Director of SME SUPPORT JAPAN. Mr. Kiyoshi Tezuka, The Chairman of KURAYA CO.,LTD. Regional revitalization and Tourism

The speakers of First Wednesday November 2018 session are Mr. Yoshimasa Sakai, The Director of SME SUPPORT JAPAN. and Mr. Kiyoshi Tezuka, The Chairman of KURAYA CO.,LTD.

Mission of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/ Challenge to Japanese regional revitalization/ New expectation regarding Local Promotion through Tourism/ Expectation toward the Tokyo 2020 Olympic/ About the luxury travel segment / How to make services for the super rich/ What is Destination Management Organization (DMO)/ The needs of DMO to develop tourism/ Japan’s incentive programs with subsidy for local government / the challenges in doing business the local area in Japan/ Attracting wealthy clients to Japanese local area with natural and cultural resource / Experience-based tour / Population Growth and Cultural Change/ Japanese local government’s International sister and friendship cities