First Wednesday launches initiatives based on the idea of “breaking down boundaries between countries, industries and disciplines to learn from and implement solutions to social issues”.

Integrated Healthcare Initiative: Preventive Medicine, Immunity, and Frailty Prevention,

This initiative was established with the vision of creating a forum for learning from a global and multifaceted perspective, transcending the boundaries of industry, expertise, region and country, about the most important issues in the ageing society of declining birthrates: ” pre-disease, immunity and frailty prevention”.

It is an initiative to create a place where companies and leaders in various industries related to health can learn from each other about the prevention of pre-disease, immunity and frailty in active senior citizens from a global perspective, based on speed and scale, without depending on the government, in terms of nutrition, exercise, psychology, social welfare, genomics, digitalization and business. We will contribute to the health of many people through the creation and co-creation of “results” in research and business from an interdisciplinary perspective that transcends all frameworks and boundaries such as industry and academic fields.


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