Message from members

Unlike other business forums which are superficial, in First Wednesday, I learned the essential issues and troubles which are usually not unveiled. In addition, discussions between keynote speakers and members offer opportunities to consider and understand the essence of issues. This essence is common in every management.(Mr. Tadashi Minami, Former President of Hitachi Hybrid Network Co., Ltd.)

First Wednesday is very attractive to me because keynote speakers tell stories of their experiences.(Mr. Kazuo Miyakawa, Former Managing Director of Dentsu Inc.)

First Wednesday is a wonderful business forum. I can join the discussions by a limited number of participants. I get precepts not only for my business but for my life.(Mr. Yasue Sekiguchi, President of Dow Jones Japan K.K.)

In First Wednesday, I am invigorated by opinions from other fields because I joins many meetings with people from my industry.(Mr.Masatsugu ShinozakiCorporate Officer and General Manager of Car Information Systems Project Hitachi, Ltd.)

First Wednesday brings together a connection of leaders who otherwise might not meet. It is important but relaxed.(Mr. Nelson Graves, Editor of Thomson Reuter Japan)